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About Healing

This is the CNHC official description of healing.

"The history of Healing stretches back for thousands of years. Nowadays most Healers view their work as a natural and purposeful energy based process which, from mostly anecdotal evidence, is believed to help relieve everyday stress, provide a sense of physical and emotional revitalisation and on some occasions bring about a deep sense of peace.
Each healing session will vary according to the needs of the client, but there are some general themes. The client remains fully clothed and may be seated or lying down. In simple terms, healers work with a conscious intention to help and support. The process focuses on using the hands, placed on or above different areas of the body, often in sequence, in order to facilitate a natural sense of wholeness and well-being. Although there are some variations amongst Healers as to the philosophy and belief systems associated with it, most agree that Healing recognises the sanctity within the holistic nature nature of being"

I am now a certified Divine I Am Transmissions Facilitator so I can incorporate this new technique into the healing session if so desired. Divine I am Transmissions is a relatively new form of healing that is hands off and brings in unconditional love energy to connect with your Divine I am presence to cleanse bathe and transform our inner being and consciousness with higher frequencies of light. Vaz Sriharan of The London College of Spirituality has brought forward this new modality, with whom I trained.

"Having a healing session with Peregrine is deeply relaxing. He has a lovely warm energy which is centred from the heart and a perceptive and insightful approach. The healing helped me to identify some deep rooted issues in my life. This has brought me greater awareness." Emily.

"Peregrine approached the sessions in a professional manner, was friendly and willing to answer any questions that I had about the healing. He gave explanations in a clear and understandable way." Danuta.

"When you enter Peregrine's studio there is a welcoming tranquillity. He gives you the space to talk and explore what is going on with you. The hands on session leaves you feeling calm and restored." Eliza.

"Being new to healing, I wasn't sure what to expect. Peregrine's calm, respectful and professional approach made me feel at ease and his enthusiasm for his subject was evident". Jackie.

Here are some links to scientific papers on healing.

This is a link to the Confederation of Healing Organisations website which explains recent research on healing.
CHO website

Also here is a research paper funded by the CHO

There is a broad article about the power of intention by Dr Marilyn Schlitz PhD from the Institute of Noetic Science.

There is a useful review of the scientific evidence for Spiritual Healing from the Healing Trust.

There is an article in the Huffington Post by Dr Larry Dossey that explores the issues around the scientific approach to healing.

And finally here is an article from the Mail Online from 2006 by Dr Danny Penman that suggests that Spiritual Healing might actually work.

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